Slim3 Twig View - Blank Page in production (OVH)


I’m using Slim3 + Twig View + Twig extension (translator) with PHP 7.0 (and tried with 7.1 and 7.2) : it works perfectly on local server (Wamp) but does not when I migrate the application on OVH server, I always get a blank page.

I checked the http response with /Chrome/Development tools/Netwok, and the return code is 200 - OK.

I checked the Twig cache generated by the application and all seems ok…but still a blank page (I tried without any cahe too…but with the same result : a blank page).

I asked the question on Stackoverflow, but did’nt get any answer.
Could you help me please ?

I don’t know that it’s the problem in your case, but I regularly find that apps that worked fine in development on Windows fail when deployed to a Linux server. That’s usually down to one of two things:

  1. File permissions are more complicated in *nix
  2. The filesystem on Windows is not case sensitive, but MOST on Linux are

Do you have any error logs on the server that you can look at to see if you’re having any issues reading or writing files?

Thanks Antnee,

no, I don’t have any error log (I get a 200 - ok http response) but I’m going to check more about files permissions (I’he already done that…but :slight_smile:) and about case sensitive.
I keep going investigate !

Hi @Alain

Is this an Apache webserver?
If so, could you install this minimal slim test App and tell me if it works?

Slim Hello World App

You mean @Alain, @odan :wink:

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Yes I did it, It works.
I found It comes from the {{ “some text”|trans }} tag : working in local, working in an other application from GitHub running on OVH production server too…working everywhere except my OVH server !

I finally solved the problem : bad indication to find and load the languages files for translation…An extra point in a link…geeee
Well, I’ve others troubles, but this one is over !
Thanks for your help and good night.


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