[Solved] Routing using subRequest and withHeader

I am building an app with separated API and front-end. The routes for the front-end make calls to the routes for the API using subRequest. Example below. I want to use an HTTP header response from the API and consume those values on the front-end. When I return the response withHeader and set a key and value, that key and value isn’t present to the route making the subRequest. I am trying to figure out why that is and how to fix it.

Front-end Route(/login)

$app->post('/login', function ($request, $response, $args) use($app) {
  //Do some things here that aren't relevant.

  $username = "user";
  $password = "pass";

  $result = $app->subRequest('POST', 'api/v1/login', 'username=' . $username . '&password=' . $password . '');
  $headers = $response->getHeaders();
  foreach($headers as $name => $values) {
    echo $name . ": " . implode(", ", $values); 
  //The output from this is: Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

API Route(/api/v1/login)

$this->post('/login', function ($request, $response, $args) {
  $username = $request->getParam('username');
  $password = $request->getParam('password');

  //We're going to authenticate the user here. No need to show this code.

  //Now we're going to respond to the front-end with the authentication response
  if($result->isValid()) {
    //We're going to do some stuff if the user is valid. In this case, we don't care about this. We only care if it isn't valid.
  } else {
    return $response->withHeader('valid', 'false');

As you can see from the above two examples, we’re collecting and sending the username and password from the front-end using subRequest and waiting for a response. The part that is failing is when the users details isn’t valid, I want to respond with a header key=>value and do something with the result on the front-end. On the API route, I am setting and returning the response with the header info, but on the front-end, the key=>value is missing. How can I correct this?

Thank you!

$result containts the response from subRequest and you show the headers of the front-end response.

You mixed up $result and $response

Thanks, can’t tell you how many times I looked at this and completely missed that…