[Solved] Slim3 .issue to pass 2 arguments from twig

Hi, still on slim 3, having an issue to pass 2 arguments from twig. The rendered twig file ignore the css, html layout structure but… works 100% if I only use one argument.
The content of the 2 arguments get passed to the route except the css structure layouts get ignored .

the href inside the twig file
“{{route(‘produpd’,{prodid:2091,menu:20})}}”>Update Product

my route…
$app->get(’/proddetail/{prodid}/{menu}’, App\Controllers\ProdController::class . ‘:produpd’)->setName(‘produpd’);

How did you solve this?


It all relates to the route path of the css, images etc… all need to point to the route path of your site…

check the href="/ path

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/vendor/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css">