Strange behavior on a shared host


I developped a small API, which work perfectly locally on my computer. But when I try to make it work on my shared host (OVH), that is not working anymore (error 500).

So I tried to use the basic example Hello World I found in the doc.
Locally, when I go to my /api/, I got “Welcome to Slim!”. On the shared host, that shows me : “Welco”… And nothing else.

The /api/hello/john shows me a blank page.

Any idea of what’s going on ? I’m don’t have any clue… :confused:

Thanks guys,

I would say something is wrong with the content-length header.

I deactivated the gzip mod in my .htaccess… And now it’s working. Strange…
<IfModule mod_deflate.c> SetEnv no-gzip 1 </IfModule>