Twig/View trouble

I try to make simple app with Twig/View template renderer and I get 500 error. I follow official documentations steps, but it does not work.





Please, i you can, tell me, where is my mistake is? And why i have no error description, yet ‘displayErrorDetails’ => true.

This is my container part:

// Register twig on container
$container['view'] = function ($container) {
    $settings = $container->get('settings');
    $view = new \Slim\Views\Twig(

    // Instantiate and add Slim specific extension
    //$view->addExtension(new Slim\Views\TwigExtension($container['router'], ''));
    $view->addExtension(new SpecialExtension($container));

    // global twig values
    $view->offsetSet('common', 'src/Common/views/');

    return $view;

Somewhere in my frontendcontroller:

 * Return the page: index
 * @Method 'GET', 'POST'
public function index()
    return $this->view->render($this->response, $this->templateDir . '/index.twig', []);

or if you want to see the twig (html) result before you sent it away:

 * Return the page: index
public function index()

    $result = $this->view->fetch($this->templateDir . '/index.twig',
            'myvar' => 'a value for the twig template'

    return $this->response;

I always end my twig templates with .twig, and phpstorm can recognize them (color syntaxing and so on)

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A 500 error will log to your server’s log file which will give you the best clue as to where things went wrong.


Thanks for your answers, guys,
I fogot about Apache logs. I looked them and found my problem - Php Version Miscompatability.