Type hint on Route placeholders!

Is there any way of using Type-Hint while defining routes?

So far I’ve found regex which is enough but having something like registering type-hint and using it multiple times would be cleaner.

Looking for something like this:

$app->get('/article/{slug:[A-Za-z]+}', []);

// expectation
$app->get('/article/{slug:slug}', []);

I saw that league/route have this feature which is also built on top of FastRoute.

I’m not sure what you mean by “type hints” in this context.
Do you eventually mean the pattern matcher for regular expression aliases?

$router->addPatternMatcher('wordStartsWithM', '(m|M)[a-zA-Z]+');

$router->map('GET', 'users/teams/{name:wordStartsWithM}', function ());

I was asking for this.

How to achieve this in slim?

As far as I know this is not supported directly. But since Slim 4 it’s possible to replace the default router (Fastroute) with other implementations, like the Symfony Router. Technically it should also be possible to replace FastRoute with league/route.

Here is an example:

Thanks for your help/suggestion