Upload target path is not writable

I’m using Slim and XAMP to build a back end rest api. I’m getting this error message: 'Upload target path is not writable’ when I sent the data with Postman with a Post request that holds a locally uploaded file.

I’m using windwos 10, and i’m trying to change some configuration in the path where the file would be moved, without success. How can I make the folder writable in windows 10, or what should I look for? Thanks.

EDIT: NVM, I found the error: the path was wrong. That was the reason.
The code wich resides in the index.php of the slim app folder:

$app->post("/sellSock" , function(Request $request , Response $response) {

    $body =  $request->getParsedBody();
    $file = $request->getUploadedFiles();
    $destination = "./Imagenes/";
    $nameBefore = $file['element']->getClientFilename();
    $extension = explode(".",$nameBefore);
    $extension = array_reverse($extension);
    return $response;

Did you ever get an answer?

OP has already found the solution.