Url query language cruFd lib using Eloquent in Slim

(cruFd = create, read, update, filter and delete, including bulk delete via filter)
We saw that Slim can be used with Eloquent Slim 4 + Eloquent ORM.

Taking into account that Lumen is being sidetracked by its maintainers, would there be any interest in a library/package for Slim that, together with Eloquent ORM, can replace the manual codding of the filters on CRUD operations?

We published such a library for laravel and lumen already that can be used via composer macropay-solutions/laravel-crud-wizard-free - Packagist
(The free version does not include the url query language).

If there is interest, we could build a test version and deploy it on a public server for testing.

Waiting for your thoughts.

Thank you.

Why should anybody pay for anything related to Eloquent if there exists something free of charge related to Doctrine, that is the first thing.

The second, ORM as an idea converts into a resource consuming and over-engineered overkill in case of evolution of your domain into more and more sophisticated structure making serving queries construction complex and inefficient comparing to dbal served by string queries created by simple query builders.

ORM query builders presents themselves very nice in case of primitive CRUD examples presented by tutorials. In real life, and coding, when serving your domain requires much more than a simple CRUD, ORM is noting but an obstacle.

Thank you for your answer.

To answer your first paragraph: We applied the solution to serve FE via api over 100 tables WITHOUT CODDING filters for ANY of them. Your approach would mean codding manually filters for all tables.

For the second paragraph: This is the downside. BUT we managed to improve the Eloquent way of querying the conditions on the relations, making it faster. Also the lib is capable (if required) to check for indexes and not allow queries that use no index. Also it handles the mysql 8 InnoDB count (*) issue (slow query when no conditions).

For the third paragraph: We managed to use the ORM ALSO for general purpose filtering, besides the basic CRUD.

Our first approach was to use Symfony and Doctrine to expose the data to FE. After 4 months we ditched the idea and replaced the whole project with this lib and in 2 weeks we exposed the same resources which were not 100 at that time (maybe ~30-40). The lib had at that time 2 years old, now has 3 and many new features and improvements. We need to mention that those 2 weeks meant starting a project from scratch in a new framework with JWT token etc.

As we see there is no interest in this, we will not do it. Thank you.