Using PhpStorm with Slim3

I’m testing PhPStorm with Slim3 and ofcourse this IDE is fantastic, but I’m stuck with a couple of nasty ‘method not found’ issues

  1. Statements like $this->view->render($response… (using Twig), the ‘view’ part is seen as a magic method by PhpStorm. Tried Symfony and Laravel-plugins and also the PHP-DI plugin, but no result
  2. Using Eloquent gives some ‘xxxx’ methods not found. FI the ‘create’ method is found so that you can do something like ‘Region::create’, but ‘Region::find’ gives in PhpStorm method not found. All I have in my Region Model is ‘use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model’ where Region extends Model.

Did I forget some setting in PhpStorm or is there some other magic I should be aware of?


Hey there!

From my experience, there isn’t much you can do about referencing $this-> from closure-style actions in Slim 3; the Pimple Instance doing lookup duties has enough abstraction between your services and the place you’re calling them from that, outside a bunch of @property declarations and an @var to declare what $this is, you’re probably not going to get what you want.

That said, if you’re declaring your controllers/actions as services and referencing those services’ names in your routes file, you can constructor-inject (with typehints etc.) everything you need, such that when you hit __invoke() (or another method name, using the service:method syntax at the router level) $this will be your controller/action class, with your freshly constructor-injected parameters. And of course, 'Storm has no issues with those :slight_smile:

Not the greatest for tiny controller methods where you’d rather just inline 'em as closures, but it’s what I’ve done to get non-trivial route dispatching, to a high degree of success.