When to use the container or a class?

The question refers to a database connection. I’m new to the slim framework, and there was a question, should I use a container to connect to the database or create a Connection class that connects to the database and extend into a model? Both deliver the same result, but as a beginner it’s always good to ask questions

Example 1: Using a Class

Create the connection class

Call the connection class in a Model class
namespace App\models;
use App\models\Connection;

class Model 

    protected $connect;
    protected $table;

    public function __construct()
       $this->connect = Connection::connect();


Uses the Post class that extends the Model class that owns the database connection

Example 2 : Using container

Register the container DB

Create a Mapper class to do dependency injection

abstract class Mapper
    protected $db;

    public function __construct(\PDO $pdo)
        $this->db = $pdo;

Registers controller dependency container

$container['Source\Controller\TicketController'] = function ($c) {
    return new TicketController($c['view'], $c['logger'], $c['db']);

Use direct container in controller class

I am currently using slim framework 3.12, I know there is slim 4, but for learning I am starting at 3.

Since this is my first question on the forum, and I don’t know English, probably something in the text may not be grammatically correct because I used google translator.

If the question is large I can summarize, because I was concerned to give as much detail as possible.

You don’t need an extra class for the PDO object. Better use the container in combination with dependency injection. Your repository should declare PDO as explicit dependency.

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