Why my site is slow?

i love slim and work alot with that app

i build a big site
with slim twig and eloquent

but my page load very very slow
look at this page:

32 Secound to load!!!

and i use twig cache

i dont whant to build all again in larvael
i love slim

somone can help me with that

thanks :slight_smile:

It is not Slim’s fault.
You’ll have to debug your code to find the bottleneck.
Only this route take that long?
Have you checked your database log? Make sure your are not using all the magic from eloquent(or any ORM), this could be disastrous.

I dont know and i get all the time
to many connaction
in my DB

but why???

i work with amazone and RDS dabatabe

i think that i fix that
i need to check when alot of visitios come in

if i fix that the problem be in my DB
i just do that line:
mysqladmin -h -P 3306 -u -p flush-hosts

It took me under 2 seconds to load your webpage.

I don’t know if you changes some stuff, but in the Netherlands it loads quite fast. ( < 2 secs)

yes i work hard for that
thanks :slight_smile: