Any Slim Framework 4 tutorial?

Hi all

I am very new to this Slim framework thing and would like to learn it. But on the web and the official site there are only user guide that lead me nowhere.

I am comfortable with Codeigniter, but it seems that Slim 4 is a different framework…

I also google slim framework 4 tutorial, but all I got was Slim 3, which seems to be very different from Slim 4.

So, are there any tutorial where I can learn to use Slim 4?

Thank you very much in advance for all your help.

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Hi @alucard001

Slim is a micro framework.
The question is what are you trying to create? API, Website, Web application?
What should be added to the Slim 4 documentation to make it easier?
What is your specific question? just the basics

Thanks for reply.

I would like to use Slim 4 for creating REST API with JSON response.

And while I am going through Slim 4 documentation, it is all about how a specific function/features is used.

I would like to have a full tutorial application where each and every feature in Slim 4 is used, just like how Codeigniter does. So that I know why I use it, when I use it and how I use it.

Their documentation, starting from CI 2 - 3, are well explained and I know exactly what each function is trying to do.

But I cannot find such thing in Slim 4 doc.

Thank you, hope it is more specific now.

Thanks for that. I will take a look a it.

Ok, I see. I think I write a blog post about this topic soon.

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You can find a lot of useful information on Rob Allen’s blog.


I started slim a month ago
I do a lot of research I compare the documentation of slim 3 with slim 4 and adapt the code I look at projects on git that of odan for example here are the sources that help me

good slim

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Slim 4 Tutorial
Thank you Daniel Opitz for preparing such useful content.