Are the documentation older than v3?

I’ve been trying to make a new API following the doc and the “skeleton” project and I have several discrepancies, it seems like the doc it’s based on v3 but skeleton in a new “v4”. Could you update the doc please? there’s no example of how to connect v4 with a DB.


I personally think that managing database connections is not one of the core tasks of a micro framework (like Slim). Therefore, the documentation for slim 4 covers everything that is directly related to Slim. Of course everyone is welcome to participate in the documentation to add missing information / topics.

In my blog you can find a lot of information about Slim 4 and database connections etc.

Thanks for your reply and for your repo, looks really good!.

I think that a backend micro/framework has to deal with datasources, not only in-memory storage (or another API?), and have it’s documentation