Backend development under IIS7 + PHP5.3 + SQLite

Hello fellows, I have a little challenge for the next days. A project to develop a backend that must run under windows server 2008 with IIS7 and PHP 5.3.26 using SQLite as database.
After knew server specs, my first thought was to Slim2, so my questions are:

  • Are you agree that Slim2 is the branch to use in this project?
  • Should I be able to use twig as template engine?
  • Which ORM should I use for this project?

Thank you in advance to everybody.

Yikes, PHP 5.3 went end of live three years ago. I hope this isn’t a production project. If you wish to use Slim, yes you would need to use 2.x. Slim’s Twig-View component, even the earlier versions seems to rely on PHP 5.4 or greater, so that isn’t an option. It looks like Twig itself, version 1.x will run under PHP 5.3, so that is probably an option. As far as an ORM, that is highly personal. One option might be Laravel’s Eloquent, which you would need to run version 4.1 to get PHP 5.3 compatibility.

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I don’t know your situation, and I know this isn’t very helpful, but if it’s mandatory to run PHP 5.3 I would walk away. At least try to get them to update. I can tell you from experience (we run some IIS PHP on Win2008 installations) that you can run multiple versions of PHP with IIS so if it’s a new project you can install a newer PHP (7.2 just came out, get it!) and configure (using PHP Manager) this particular site to use the newer version and leave others as they were.

That said, you must recommend very strongly that your client upgrades from 5.3 ASAP

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I really appreciate your feedback, and I can’t be more agree with you both, about security concerns of php 5.3 but brief I received established that that there is some other apps on the that server which are depending on PHP 5.3, so they are not ables to upgrade PHP version.

So, here is where @Antnee comments about the ability of IIS7 to run multiple PHP versions, may be a lifesaver. Not only due to security but for give the option to use Slim3 instead.

Thank you again for your kindly replies.

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I thought that might be the reason. It can definitely be done. Unfortunately I have a lot of experience in this area :grin:

I must give you a feedback because your information about the ability of IIS7 to run multiple PHP versions finally did the trick, and the work is being done in slim3 with php 7.1
So, I’m very grateful with all the information received about it. Thank you very much.

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That is fantastic news, and I’m very grateful for the feedback