Zend or Slim to use going forward?

Hi guys, I would like some other devs input. We have a custom framework (serving over 300k end users) that we want to move over to a new framework.

The choices are Zend / Slim our current system is quite big. Ive been playing around with Zend but I find it un-user friendly and extra complicated just to do something small, on the other handle I have a lot more slim experience but I’m little worried the size of the application is not going to work well with slim…

Anyone else have some input on the two frameworks? Or have built a big application using slim?

Hi @FvsJson I have evaluated Symfony, Laravel, Laminas (Zend) and “a dozen” other PHP frameworks.

Laminas (Zend) is too over-engineered for me. Even the simplest tasks are too complex and difficult to understand. I’m also not so sure about the future of Laminas. I just don’t have a good feeling at the moment about Laminas.

Slim: The most important aspects for me are: Performance, Standards (e.g. PSR interfaces) and flexibility. I’m serving some quite big applications using Slim 4 and I’m very happy with it. I just needed some time to find the best PHP components that fits to my requirements. As soon as you have a solid infrastructure setup and a good application architecture you can do almost everything with Slim. :slight_smile:

@odan thanks for your feedback, I had a feeling I could count on your reply :facepunch: :grin:

I agree zend the small things are made so complex and in slim everything seems to be so easy once I know what I want. Also I’m finding the support and googling for slim problems more helpful then for zend…

The biggest worry was to use slim for a big system but you say you have and no problem. That make me feel a bit more relaxed.

If anyone else reading this thread have an input please share.