Basic Boilerplate

Starting from the Skeleton, I implemented basic services like db persistence (db, tables and schema creation on the fly during development), csfr protection, email service and an example landing page for email signups.

I think it could be useful for beginners and to rapidly prototype pages. Code is heavily commented in order to help newcomers. It will be improved soon with a few general purposes features.

Any feedback about it?

While I’m not sure we need another boilerplate, the fact remains that every time I look at one of these, I learn something new (in your case it was the IP middleware), so thanks for that.

Other than that, I’ve briefly scanned the code and it looks good. Keep on hacking :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback!

No prob, I’m working on some stuff of my own (may be publically published, depending on how it goes) and like I said above, I appreciate the help we get here and the ideas which are shared. This is to everybody’s benefit so lets just keep going in that spirit.