Slim 3 API Boilerplate

Here’s a link to my RESTful API Boilerplate built on Slim 3 -

More info in the README. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know if my code could be better or if any of my comments here are off-base.

My Experience with Slim 3

— Positives

  • I like how Slim 3 works well with the ADR (Action-Domain-Responder) pattern.

  • There are some nice helper functions like setArguments which aided me in passing args to middleware!

  • The documentation has come a long ways recently and the doc search is super helpful.


  • This is more of a gripe about Pimple but I wasn’t able to wire my dependencies into a Base Action and then extend that action. I know that Aura.Di allows you to inherit constructor parameters but I couldn’t get Aura working in Slim without errors. (Specifically: cannot modify container when locked. Following this tutorial:

  • I wasn’t able to “setArguments” in my route groups which would have simplified things slightly as I wouldn’t have to set the same argument on four routes within a group.