Call store procedure /mysql

what I am doing wrong?
I’m trying to call a store procedure from mysql
this is my code

$app->put(’/NewBook’, function (Request $request, Response $response){
$uniqueID = $request->getParam(‘uniqueID’);
$idB = $request->getParam(‘idB’);
$db = new db();
$db = $db->connect();
$result = $this->$db->connection()->Select(" CALL storeProcName(:uniqueID, :idB);", array(’:uniqueID’ => uniqueID, ‘:idB’ => $idB, ));
echo json_encode($result , JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK);
}catch (PDOEXceptin $e){

echo ‘{“Error slim”: {“text”: "’. $e->getMessage() . ‘"}}’;



and it doesn’t not return anything in my store proc has to return a simple query with the new ID

To solve the problem, readers need to understand what you are using (which library) to connect to the database.
Perhaps the answer is to properly use the tool to work with the database.