Deploying on live hosting server

Hello please help me with my deployment stage. I created web application which work fine on apache local host. But after uploading it to server I face issue with APIs that I created in SLIM.
In short what I am doing is that I am communicating with amazon web sever through these APIs which work fine in local host but on live server not working/

In order to offer some help and direction, much more information than “not working” is needed. To start, what do your webserver’s error logs say?


Looks like a third party package is responsible for that error. Taking a really quick look at the source, what do your request headers look like as the error looks like it might be here:

So what should I do. What you want to know more about this webapp so you can help me to fix this. Because I try a lot but don’t know whats the matter.

and I use the slim skeleton to build my APIs when I was on local host

“Access Denied” indicates something’s wrong with the credentials of your JSON-RPC client.

but if there is something’s wrong with the credentials then it should also not work on local host. and on local host it works fine I can get data from my amazon server on local host.

Response HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

Maybe the settings on the server are not identical or a firewall (IP whitelist/blacklist?) or another middleware blocks your request. But anyway, something is different than on your localhost computer.

yeah that’s why I already grant access to my server ip address at Amazon web server

What about .htaccess ? because I created the whole project on apache local host at my specified directory not in the var/www/. then I uploaded the whole project to local host with the same .htaccess file.