Slim post Method is not working for Live Server

Hi guyz! I have been using slim for Rest api. Its post method is working fine in local host. but when i go on live server it does not send values to server. Can someone told me the solution of this problem. I have been looking for almost a week now, but can’t find any solution. Any help will be Appreciated thanks. below is my code for post method:

        $app->post('/register', function() use ($app) {
        // check for required params
        verifyRequiredParams(array('username', 'email', 'password'));

        $response = array();

        // reading post params
        $username = $app->request->post('username');
        $email = $app->request->post('email');
        $password = $app->request->post('password');

        // validating email address

        $db = new DbHandler();
        $res = $db->createUser($username, $email, $password);

        if ($res == USER_CREATED_SUCCESSFULLY) {
            $response["error"] = false;
            $response["message"] = "You are successfully registered";
        } else if ($res == USER_CREATE_FAILED) {
            $response["error"] = true;
            $response["message"] = "Oops! An error occurred while registereing";
        } else if ($res == USER_ALREADY_EXISTED) {
            $response["error"] = true;
            $response["message"] = "Sorry, this email already existed";
        // echo json response
        echoRespnse(201, $response);