Documentation Incomplete?

I keep noticing major functionality completely missing from the official documentation, for example App::subRequest. Maybe the documentation on the website should include phpdoc info to fill in the holes in documentation? Slim 3 is nice to use but it’s extremely frustrating dealing with incomplete documentation. I just spent an hour figuring out how to make sub requests, something that is very powerful and likely a need other users share. This is not the first time I’ve spent too much time trying to figure out something basic that should be documented, and as such I think this constitutes a major documentation bug. Because Slim is a lightweight framework, it should be very well documented such that it can be learned quickly. It really shouldn’t require a ton of experience using the framework to learn how to use it, that sort of requirement makes more sense for a huge framework that sucks you into its idiosyncratic lexicon and universe.

Hi there @dkrieger,

There are indeed some gaps in documentation. Have a look at this Github discussion for some commentary as well as this discussion as it relates to phpdoc info.

Yes. The documentation is incomplete, and it is complicated to develop with this tool.