Error 500 With Default Installation?

Hello, i have a dream host account and i got shell access, installed composer and then installed slim framework via

php composer.phar create-project slim/slim-skeleton mywebsitehere

right out of the box I get this error message. If i refresh then the error goes away. Wait a while and the error comes back (but it goes away after a quick refresh)

Hello world!{ "statusCode": 500, "error": { "type": "SERVER_ERROR", "description": "ERROR: preg_match(): JIT compilation failed: no more memory on line 130 in file \/home\/user\/mywebsitehere\/vendor\/slim\/slim\/Slim\/CallableResolver.php." } }

This is a known PHP 7.3 bug. Try to disable PHP PCRE JIT compilation.

It should work by specifying pcre.jit=0 in php.ini.