Generate migrations from existing database

Hello everybody,

I use Slim 3 and Eloquent ORM and play with MyBB.
I needed to create a migration from an existing database but nothing suitable found.
it is very possible that i bad looking.
search lead me to Laravel, Xethron and iseed.
All of this works fine in Laravel.
I wanted to have it all without Laravel.
what happened as a result you decide.
I suggest you RunCli - standalone command line interface.
cli used with Slim 3. today it can:

  • migrate
  • seed
  • generate migrations from existing database
  • generate seeds from existing database
  • create database

Also plan to add generating blank templates for controllers, models and so on.

Have a look at

i know phinx, but he can not subj.

actually i had same question in my mind . .

Welcome @saltbayfour :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask your question in a new thread, as this thread is quite dated (from 2016).

PS: See here Database Migration Packages