Database Migration Packages

So I am looking for recommendations for packages that allow me to use Database migrations. I’ve used Phinx before and liked it, but it had too many extra dependencies. I’ve also tried Doctrine migrations, but never really got on with it for some reason.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Phoenix is quite similar to Phinx (but less bloated).

Flyway uses plain SQL files, but requires Java.

The Phing DbDeployTask

Propel Migrations

Laravel Migrations can be used without Laravel. The setup is not so easy.

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I like the way Laravel does migrations, but it sounds like a headache pulling it out of the framework!

I may investigate Phoenix, it sounds promising! Thanks @odan

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I’m using Phinx in my Slim4 project. Is great and is like Eloquent too, if you have experience with Eloquent.