Slim 3 CRUD generator

I am new with Slim 3 and also in this forum. Please I will like to know if there is any Slim 3 CRUD generator?

If not can someone point me to the right direction on how best to develop a CRUD generator.

The application I am working with requires many CRUD widget so I will like to automate it’s creation.

I hope my questions make sense and thanks in advance for making out time to answer my question.

If you use eloquent ORM, defining an object for CRUD is just a few lines of code:

namespace App\Model;

class Page extends Model
    protected $table   = 'page';

Quite easy to generate these from a template using a shell script (or a short PHP program).

Take for your reply. But I am not asking how to generate a Model for CRUD. My question is how to generate a complete CRUD - create - read - update and delete like in Yii 2 CRUD generator.

You mean a complete set of Models, templates and controller code?

Yes, and if possible search and pagination

I don’t think that such a beast exists. But it would not be hard to build based on a set of templates.

I’ve written lots of such code and can tell you that if done right, the Controller functions can be a single function for list, detail and edit code which simply operate on the code which is being passed to them.

As such, the bulk of the work is write a template generator. This can be written in probably a day or so.

I think is easy to modify project to work with slim.



Nice tool, thanks for posting this link.