Graphql implementation into Slim

Did anyone use Graphql with Slim ?

If someone can help by proviting example on how to do it.
As far as i understand there are Using Server integration, than PSR-7 integration …
I dont know what to use.
I also use eloquent ORM.


You can’t use Eloquent with GraphQL… Eloquent is for SQL… GraphQL is not sql.

Yes i know that, i just sad that i use eloquentt because there are lib for laravel called nuwave/lighthouse that generate types from eloquent relationships. So i thinked mabe somene can help me with integration of graphql and also make some sugestions how to do something like lighthouse to reduce amount of typing and autogenerate code for query true eloquent orm. Thats what lighthouse did for laravel.

Eloquent can be used as i can do result function for Graphql query that return ex. User object that is Defined by Eloquent.

But thanks for clearing things out.