How to install on Windows 10

Hi everybody,
How to install Slim on Widnows? I don´t find script Slim.php in version 3.8.x
Where do I find the 3.8.x documentation?
Help me, please

Here are the Slim Docs for 3.x. Do you have Composer installed? What have you tried? Are you getting an error, if so what does it say?

Hi Buddy, I don’t have composer. I prefer manual install. I dont’t see it in 3.x.x documentation. Is it possible do the manual installation in 3.x.x version?

It will be a big headache to try to install all of the packages without composer. Composer is the supported way to install Slim. Otherwise you will need to download Slim, Pimple, psr/container, container-interop, fast-route, and psr-http-messag. Put them in a vendor folder, then likely build your own autoloader. That might take hours what composer can do for you in seconds.

Here is the ComposerSetup installer for Windows. Easy quick install, then installing Slim is as simple as: $ composer require slim/slim "^3.0"

Ok, you convinced me. I will try it. Thanks.

Are you running a Vm on windows 10 or running BASH.
You need to have some type of server