Update version - composer

I know this may not be the place for this claim.

Why slimframework is mandatory to install the composer? Honestly I do not see a decent reason for this requirement.

I and several friends whether we can install this crap composer the more use the updated version of slimframwork. The slim was an easy to use and easy to install and now I can not if you want to update framework. I am a PHP developer for many years have a large business system based on this framework and I am now forced to use this crap called composer, which is not installable.

Frankly it would be so hard to provide a manual installation of slimframework.

We use composer to manage versions of dependencies. It is still possible to use Slim w/o composer it’s just extremely difficult. Perhaps at some point one of us might do a write-up on how to do it.

Composer is in my opinion one of the greatest things that PHP has produced in recent history.

I am now forced to use this crap called composer, which is not installable.

I use composer on both windows and linux.

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Glad you can use. I use windows and linux. Make use of different technologies such as using js desktop software, website development and web enterprise systems and desktops on different technologies, C ++, Phython, PHP, Node end. And there is always a way to use the manually platform, minus the slimframework.

If you think the composer a wonder, who good. I prefer to install manually. As for me it does not work.

Well, if you insist you can always use a custom autoloader and include all the dependencies yourself. You can find the needed dependencies in the composer.json file. Nobody is stopping you. Good luck.

See well. Before the slim documentation had instructions on how to install with the composer and without the composer. A few years ago when hearing about the composer tried experience. I could not install.
When it was launched version 3 of slim, I saw that it was mandatory to use the composer. I tried reinstalling the composer and make it work. I could not install.
So I was upset that I could not use the latest version of slim.

You see, I have no options. Or use the composer or I get an old version.
Do you really think I’ll waste my time packing code of others?

If I have to do this, I make my own framework.

2 points for you:

  1. I also resisted composer at first but the more I used it, the more I understood the power and convenience it brings. I could not imagine using modern PHP without it at this point.

  2. Literally millions of people are using composer without any significant issues. As such I would say that it’s been thoroughly tested and debugged. If you’re really having consistent trouble using is, I would suggest you spend 1/2 day to figure out why and get your issues resolved. You’ll be very happy once you get it to work and used to using it.

IMHO composer is the future of PHP development; there’s really no point resisting it. Rather try to figure out why it doesn’t work and start using it.

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@markusslima you just have to do as @TheLobos said. Honestly this is the first time I meet someone calling composer a crap.

I wonder how you manage an application dependencies manually. If you’ve been deep in PHP recently you should’ve known that composer is a requirement.

By the way, all you need to get composer installed is PHP. On linux the installation is straight forward. On Windows composer has an .exe file. All problems related to composer installation are usually from your PC’s settings or to PHP. I think it’s something one can sit down and try to figure out what could go wrong and fix it instead of complaining about it. Do you really think if it was a crap as you are saying, millions of developers would keep on using it?

Of course, your code your workflow. All is your choice. If you insist here the link to get the .zip file.