How to integration Psysh in Slim Project? [ SOLVED ]

I use Slim 3 and other modules like eloquent model, database, etc. I tried to integrate with Psysh to interact with my Slim Application. But does’t work. So what can i do?

You could use PhpStorm with XDebug. Works great :slight_smile:

but i use vscode to develop slim applications. I tried to install psysh but when trying to access Eloquent Model I get error or indeed tinker only for Laravel.

XDebug also works well with Visual Studio code (+PHP Debug).

What’s the error message?

@betta_ratna I use Slim with Psysh and Eloquent, it works well for me. I’ve created a psysh.php file that looks something like this.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$app = new App\App();

$capsule = $app->getContainer()->get('capsule');

echo "Welcome to Slim Psysh!\n";

You might need to do something a little different, particularly with the App\App, you might need something like $app = new \Slim\App();

I’ve got Psysh installed globally, so I run $ psysh psysh.php from the terminal and can then access all of my Eloquent models.

Thanks everyone i have solved my problem. I create tinker for slim application integrate with symfony process. If you want to see my work please support and give me your opinion.

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