How to work with AJAX and SLIM?

i need example how to work with ajax and slim
with rout and the classes


Route can be any route you want, although it makes sense to group Ajax functions into an AjaxController and give all Ajax entry points a path like


The important thing when dealing with Ajax is to return a JSON response like this:

return $response->withJson ([ 'error'=>1, 'errorCode'=>'InvalidID' ], 200);

All in all, it’s quite easy.

im sorry i not understand
plz u can do exmple with a parametrs? (in the class and in the AJAX and where i put that ajax)

tahks alot

This is not easy, because I use my own framework which has a lot of stuff built-in and it won’t make sense if I just copy/paste it. But here’s what an ajax controller function looks like:

public function setAdminMenu (Request $request, Response $response, $args)
    $id = Input::fromPost ('id'); 
    if (!$id) {
        return $response->withJson ([ 'error'=>1, 'errorCode'=>'InvalidID' ], 200);

    // do something here ...

    $rc = [ 'success'=>1 ];
    return $response->withJson ($rc, 200);

You can map an Ajax request to a controller function like any other route. Hopefully this helps.