My Project, PerSeo 2.0 beta

Today I will share with you my project, based on Slim Framework 4.
The project uses Medoo as ORM and some useful features (locale in URI to use routes with all languages without using group in routes, a middleware to identify language from user browser, a middleware to write dynamic routes from DB to create alias or redirect without writing new routes in PHP, and lot more).
Just download the project from repository, use composer install for dependencies, and follow the Wizard for the first configuration).

Here the link: brainstorm/perseo - Packagist

Suggestions are welcome.

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Installation looks very nice and seems to went well without errors.
When I try to visit the page after installation, I get

500 Errore imprevisto, torna alla home

where can I start to debug, whats going wrong?

in config/settings.php
Look at ‘settings.error’ and change ‘display_error_details’ => false, to ‘display_error_details’ => true,
You can open issue to github.

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Seems, the mysql-version at my host doesn’t support REGEXP_REPLACE, which is used in Medoo

REGEXP_REPLACE is used in Alias Middleware and is a MariaDB function.
What version of mysql/mariadb do you use?

they are using

  • Server-Typ: MySQL
  • Server-Version: 5.7.34-nmm1-log - (Ubuntu)

I think MySQL 8.0+ will resolve the issue.

I have update the Readme, thanks for your tests.

I have updated to 2.0.1 beta, added mysql/mariadb minimum requirements check to the wizard.

I had to disable BasePathMiddleware to get it to install under Laragon.

Not sure what this CMS(?) should do though:
the wizard created 5 tables but they remained empty after the installer finished.

Hi, Thanks for testing.
Those tables are empty for now, will be used in future.