New FlashMessages library for Slim 4

Hi folks,

Slim offers with Slim-Flash as standalone library for flash messages.

Unfortunately the library looks a little bit abandoned on GitHub, has no interfaces implemented and doesn’t provide a complete set of methods to access and manipulate both types of messages:

  • Messages set in previous for current request
  • Messages set in current for next request

This circumstance led me to develop the following linked, PSR-15 compliant flash messages service for Slim 4. Inspired by the slimness of the framework itself.

The library requires PHP 7.3 or newer.

Please keep in mind, that I’m not a professional developer with huge experience. PHP is my hobby and I develop mostly in my free time.

But what are you thinking about the library? I would be very happy for feedback from real field tests.

Best regards,

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I look forward to testing this out tomorrow or the day after.



A nice simple library that does what it promises and nothing more.

No further dependencies, clean code, responsive developer!