Newbie question: can't setup Tutorial-First-Application

Hi all,

I’m having troubles with the installation of the official Tutorial-First-Application

  1. I have downloaded the package and setup the dependencies with composer
  2. I have updated phinx.yml with the setting for my local database
  3. when executing “php vendor/bin/phinx migrate” I’m getting the error

You need to enable the PDO_Mysql extension for Phinx to run properly.

  1. I’ve set adapter to PDO_mysql and then I get the error

Adapter “PDO_mysql” has not been registered

Obviously, I’m not familiar with phinx. What setting do I have use for adapter?

Thanks for any help

This is a php configuration problem. it is telling you you are missing the pdo-mysql extension

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oh, how silly of me (blushing)

I really thought pdo-mysql was installed on my system. Thanks for your hint!