POST data read issue


I just develop an API using slim framework. In my local machine its working perfectly.
But in server its not working. Its not getting POST parameters.
I use $params = $request->getParsedBody(); code for getting POST data
Problem is only in production server not in my local machine please help me

Hello Anishdoot,

This will be really hard to troubleshoot, especially with the limited information you have provided. Can you please further elaborate. Like what PHP version those your local machine run on, What PHP version those your production machine run on, what web server are you using? Things like this will help us with solving this problem. I have written a blog regarding this but, I do not know if its allowed in here

Thanks for your reply. Its not a bug of SLIM frame work. I am using POSTMAN chrome extension for checking my application. I think this is the bug of POSTMAN. Its resolved