Skeleton wanted

Hello guys
Some years ago I made my first web app, based on a homemade framework using pimple. I probably had a naive way of doing things, and things are growing out of my hands and my codebase is not possible to refactor.

The time has come to do a remake of this using Slim4, and I like learning as I go.

I am interested in seeing a skeleton to build upon myself, with folder structure that even beginners could use. I do not understand the need for “domain” and “actions” folders as of now.
In my previous attempt, I would have folders for controllers, models and views and build with that. If you have a good article I could read to understand all of this, I would greatly appreciate it. But hopefully I dont need a 1 year study in patterns :sweat_smile:

If you guys think something like this below could work, my humble wish is that someone could help me set up a skeleton using:
PHP-View (Not twig, please)
Monolog (or a good alternative?)

If it makes a difference, I will be using postgres this time, not Mysql.
And to be honest, I am not sure if I should make it a REST API and outsource the front end or what.

Not much action here, understandably.

I did try to start myself now. But not sure how to implement the container and DI yet.

Any pointers for structure/idea?