Slim 4 MVC Skeleton


I just want to share a skeleton I made for my company.

The skeleton use:

  • PHP-DI
  • Slim-Psr7
  • Doctrine
  • Twig
  • Flash messages
  • Monolog
  • Synfony console.

I want your feedback (especially to optimize the Readme).


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This is great, I feel like we should add these on the Slim 4 readme and include them on the website to give more options to users!

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Thanks a lot to the author for the Slim 4 MVC Skeleton.

However, in my opinion, it turned out quite confusing, and difficult for a beginner.
If this is presented as a starter pack - it is probably difficult.

My opinion is subjective … maybe I lack understanding due to the lack of a lot of experience …

ps this is not criticism, this is the opinion of a beginner

I agree, my skeleton is not really for beginner.
I tried to create a root for a project, I’ve made a more complex skeleton for Slim 3 and I used it as a start for 2 professional project.

Maybe I can’t try to make a simplier skeleton just with Twig and Monolog (like a MVC “hello world”) or maybe is already a good one ?