Slim 3 in Modular MVC



  • Multi-languages support via cookie, URL.
  • Modular MVC where V (Views) becomes T (Templates). The Modular MVC can load or execute the other modules.
  • Support themes which is T (Templates) in the MVC. The template file uses normal PHP for best performance.
  • Routes in the database. This is for easily to create management page or any hooks and don’t worry, it works fast because of the cache file.
  • Configuration DB. The configuration DB is good and easy for you to create settings page. The main application configuration is still in the PHP file.
  • In developer mode, it comes with profiler and console (command line).

I’m really like Slim because its migration guide (or upgrade guide) between version is very easy to understand and the framework itself is really slim (don’t have too much libraries that I don’t use it).

I moved from Silex because it has a horrible upgrade guide. A lot of errors occur and it is very hard to find in its document that what is changed to what.

Please keep this standard, Slim.

I create this modular MVC project for my usage and I just want to share for anyone who interesting and want to participate in, please feel free to submit issue, pull request of your modified code on Github.