Slim Framework 2.0 with Php 7.4 Compatability

we have developed our application in Slim Framework 2.0 with Php 7.1. Now We are planning to Upgrade Php Version 7.1 to 7.4.

I have checked the Php Migration Documentations, There are many functions and components they have deprecated and they have updated the response/returns of the functions. Please refer the below links for the Php migration documentation from Php7.1 to 7.4

So can you please check and let me know from Slim Framework 2.0 perspective will there be any impact, if I upgrade to php7.4? Or do I need to Upgrade my Slim Framework as well. if I need to Upgrade my Slim Framework then to which version do I need to upgrade

Only way to know is to test… If that’s any help, been running my app on PHP 7.3 for months and on PHP 7.4 since it came out. No problem.

(Now in the process of upgrading to Slim 3 and 4 just to keep up to date.)

Are there experiences with Slim v2 and PHP 7.3 or PHP 7.4?

With PHP 7.4 I got messages “get_magic_quotes_gpc deprecated”

On a site still running Slim 2, I’m using this:

	error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_DEPRECATED);
	 * Removing deprecated from the list, because else, on PHP 7.4, we end
	 * up crashing with:
	 * > Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated
	 * This is because Slim 2 [and isemail] rely on that function.
	 * TODO(): upgrade to Slim 3/4.

But I’ll be honest with you: I think Slim 4 (and 3) are no fun to use. Took me a long time to update, the documentation is lacking, and the syntax got waaaaay longer. I would consider switching to something else.