Slim Framework + Retrofit2 Architecture Diagram


Anyone knows if there is an architecture diagram of slim and retrofit interaction in an android app?

What do you exactly mean “architecture diagram”?
Retrofit - a type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java (
Slim - is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. (
The key words are “HTTP client” and “APIs”.
Retrofit helps to send HTTP request from Android app to server-side, where Slim gets the request, handles it and sends a response. Response format is JSON (as usual in a case of Android).
Then, Retrofit gets the response and handles it with, for example, GSON library. After that, those data are shown in UI elements of an Android app.
Summary, Retrofit is a front-end, Slim is a back-end.
I think it’ll help you to understand the conception.