Try catch in route group

Please tell me how can I apply “try catch” inside a group of routes.
Now I have this:
$app->group(’/v1’, function (\Slim\Routing\RouteCollectorProxy $group) {

    $group->get('/', IndexController::class.":index");

    $group->post('/upload', MyController::class.":upload");
})->add(new ResultMiddleware());

And inside the UploadController have “try catch” block

But now I have to add this block to each controller so that it works for all controllers within the group.
I would want something that could work something like this:

$app->group('/v1', function (\Slim\Routing\RouteCollectorProxy $group) {

    try {
        $group->get('/', IndexController::class . ":index");

        $group->post('/upload', MyController::class . ":upload");
    catch (Exception $exception) {
        //            $response = $response->withStatus($exception->getCode());
        //            $response->getBody()->write($exception->getMessage());
        //            $this->logger->error( $exception->getMessage() );
})->add(new ResultMiddleware());

How can I do this?
Thanks for help