Undefined PSR 7 methods gives errors?

I am getting undefined functions when i try to use the PSR 7 methods such as: getParsedBodyParam & withStatues
1- $_message = $request->getParsedBodyParam(‘message’,’’);
2- $response->withStatus(200)->withJson($payload);

I followed a guide with lynda.com and confirmed some info on the documentation.
I did: require ‘vendor/autoload.php’;
getParseBody is working and give errors in phpstorm only.
but withStatues is not working properly and give me errors.

Can someone please help me with this. I can give you any part of my code.

getParsedBodyParam is not part of the PSR-7 spec, so if you’re not using Slim’s request object and instead a different implementation, it may not have that method.

What error are you seeing when you attempt to use withStatus? I assume you are returning the response?

Sorry, for the late response.
Turned out that i had null values which propagated to this error message. Once i handled all input errors and refreshed the server, all those errors are gone.

Thanks you for the support.