Uploading file using put

I can successfully upload file using post method with the help of this post https://akrabat.com/psr-7-file-uploads-in-slim-3/. But I am not getting any idea how to upload a file using put method. Is the any way to that in SLIM ?

In PHP, in terms of file uploads, PUT requests don’t work the same way as POST requests. That is, a PUT doesn’t result in the file’s data being available in $_FILES.

As such, you need to write your own handler reading the data in $request->getBody() directly.

PUT is a method / verb used in Rest to partially modify a database record. Maybe, you have to take a look of this article before continue https://martinfowler.com/articles/richardsonMaturityModel.html. I think this could clear some misconceptions

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OK. What I have understand I will use post instead of put.