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I had developed a simple admin panel website for one of my clients. It was based on core PHP. These were the main functionality:

  • Manage content on time table page
  • Manage Images on Gallary page
  • Admin login
  • Contact Us Form

I am looking forward to convert the entire website on a framework. I recently came to know about slim as a micro php framework.

My questions before start playing with it:

  • Can I achieve creating a dynamic and secure admin panel with slim
  • Later if the client wants to integrate e-commerce; will slim be the best choice?

Thanks for your time.

Utpal N U

Yes, you can.

That is subjective as we all have our own idea of the qualities that would encompass a “best choice”. Slim has very few features, and it does them very well. It gets you started and gets out of the way. For some people this is exactly what they are looking for. Slim is well suited for building APIs for example.

Others might want to write less code themselves and instead reach for a package that provides much more of the functionality they are looking for. This might be particularly true for e-commerce.

While I :heart: Slim and use it for many projects, I didn’t use it on a recent ecommerce project. There were too many features I’d need to integrate or build myself, and I found an ecommerce package that met the needs of my client very well.

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Thanks @tflight for the detailed reply; it is quite helpful. I also am looking to create a simple listing application; which is using WordPress Database. WordPress has an option of giving APIs, however that gives a lot of unnecessary information. Do you recommend using SLIM as an API engine instead of using the Wordpress APIs for better & faster performance.

Utpal N U

I’ve been intending to have a look at the WordPress API, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Something you build yourself, using Slim or not, would likely be faster as you can be more precise as you could select just what you need. But I could be wrong as I haven’t looked at it yet.

I was thinking of using the WordPress API as a means to build a faster front end to site without all of the additional overhead WordPress typically loads. I’d keep the WordPress admin and database as a WYSIWYG for users (CMS, essentially), but build my own front end to that data from the API.

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That’s exactly I am planning to do. I am planning to use ReactJs + Redux to achieve this. Since React can handle the front-end very well.

Any update on this matter?
ASP.NET has Serenity project where they can create a nice admin page easily and have full control of it.

Is there something similar for Slim?

That is pretty far outside the scope of Slim.