Bookkeeping API

Just a thought, can anyone recommend a bookkeeping API, preferably opensource, and also in php or slimphp to be specific but any other resource is also good.

I’m thinking this is fairly standard way of recording in any business world wide. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Hi @cws101

Bookkeeping is indeed a fundamental aspect of any business worldwide. However, while the basic principles remain consistent due to accounting standards, the implementation can vary based on business needs, location-specific regulations, tax codes, etc.

As far as I know, there are mostly proprietary APIs for each bookkeeping software / solutions.

If you are specifically looking for an open-source bookkeeping or accounting tool written in PHP, here are a few options:




OSPOS (Open Source Point Of Sale)

Note that, when using or customizing an open-source tool, it’s crucial to ensure that you comply with all financial regulations relevant to your jurisdiction. It may also be worth consulting with an accountant or financial expert to ensure any system you set up meets your business needs and legal requirements.