Sanity Check/Architecture review

I have been a one man show for 9 years now. No one has ever looked at any of my PHP code except me. That may seem cool on the surface but it would be awesome to have another intelligent persons take on things from time to time. I am starting a major overhaul of the API on one of my major products (

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to chat with me purely for a sanity check on how to optimally redesign my API. I would show you how things are currently setup and where I plan on taking them. Its not a highly complex system. I don’t want/need any code done, its purely technical discussion.

I would love to do a video chat or even an in person meeting if you are in the SF Bay Area. I am happy to compensate you for your time obviously. If you are local, lunch is totally on me. :slight_smile:

Rob and I both do consulting work. I would be happy to give you a peer-review. What kind of details are you looking for.

Great! What is the best way to contact you? Basically I would like like feedback on how to best structure that app. I wish that I had the budget to outsource the coding but I don’t think that is in the cards.

You can add me to skype: glenn.eggleton or find me on Slim’s Slack: @geggleto or on Twitter @geggleto :slight_smile: