I am using windows 8.2 is Slim only available to Unix users?

Use of Windows 8.2 to run Slim. Do I need Unix? Is there a download of files for
the Slim 3.0 framework as I have Slim 2.0. Also it will work perfectly well on localhost but not on my website. Do I need to change the permissions?

Slim 3 runs fine on Windows as far as I am aware.

Use composer to use it as documented on www.slimframework.com/

What permissions must I have to get Slim 2.0 running on a remote server?

You don’t need any special permissions other than what you would typically need to add/upload and run PHP scripts. Are you seeing any error messages in the browser or error log?

I have uploaded Slim 2 and Slim 3 examples which work fine on localhost but not on a server. The database connections have been altered and the .htaccess file is present. I think that the server rewrite module is not configured can you help?

Are you seeing any error messages in the browser? Is there any information available in log files? What does your .htaccess file look like? Here is one to try.