Komputronik.pl/Slim3 - the biggest pc hardware retail in Poland

As the topic says. Komputronik.pl is the first and so far the biggest pc hardware retailer in Poland (since 90-ties). I have just found it out. This is a platform made in Slim 3 given as a working proof of a common and misunderstood definition of a micro framework. So once again, it case of Slim, micro does not mean it is destined for a micro project it simply means it gives you macro freedom :smiley:

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Thank you so much for sharing this story.

The term “micro” is indeed quite confusing, because people think this is only something for tiny projects. Exactly the opposite is true in my opinion. Especially if you have big projects, you should use Slim as a solid foundation and install the necessary components as needed.

Slim doesn’t force you into a corset like other big frameworks do. You are also not forced to use any anti-patterns, and you can concentrate on modern, clean code. Thanks to PSR interfaces, packages can be replaced quite easily and updates can be done more selectively.

Unfortunately, many companies do not see it that way and believe that only a major framework is also suitable for big projects. In my experience, however, it is exactly the opposite.

I wish more companies would share their success story with Slim here. I know there a more of them than you expect.

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