Slim 3 Status Code 500 will ends in 403 forbidden


Firstly, sorry for my wrong english.
I hope you can understand my problem.

i am new in slim php.
I have a very strange problem.

This simple short code snippet will show you my problem.

$app->get('/servererror', function($request, $response) {
        $newResponse = $response->withStatus(500);
        return $newResponse->write('Server Error!!!');

On my developer version it works great.
If i call it in chrome or postman or via curl i get a message with “Server Error!!!”

On my live version this will not work.
I get a 403 Forbidden.

You can try it. Call this link.

Can you help me?
Can you explain what is my problem.

Thank a lot for your time.

Best greats

I’m not getting a 403 Forbidden when getting that URL. I’m getting a status code of 500 with the text Server Error!!!'.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s correct, now it works.
The problem was our firefall.
I do not understand why, but now it works properly