Slim Framework YouTube Channel

I was wondering if there would be any interest for a Slim Framework Youtube channel.

If there is interest, what topics would you be most interested in?


It’s a brilliant idea. My wish list starts with:

Slim 4 - Vue.js
Slim 4 - Webpack

I can pay any price for a decent video tutorial :smiley:

Also there is a huge lack of proper elaborations just on application’s architectural issues. Slim it`s not just an api solution and even if - endpoints can cover many times lots of interesting challenges.

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Hey @odan,
It be cool if you make a series of how you would write a web based application (not just an API) using ether twig or php-view.

Your blog and your ebook was very helpful to me while moving from slim 3 to slim 4. Videos would help new users to better understand the concept.


It is very interesting.
For me personally, any information on the framework will be useful and interesting …

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@odan your blog posts are amazing, making short videos version from advance point of view would be super cool.

Maybe also API development related like standards JSON API, SDK design patterns, JWT token integration, etc

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@odan Have you created the youtube channel yet?

Hi @darkalchemy

I have started my YouTube channel already: See here

Next, I plan to produce my Slim Framework videos in English.

My question to you guys would be, should I create a separate YouTube channel just for Slim content, or is it okay to post everything on the same channel?
The second option would mean that you also get a mix of other programming topics.


Hey @odan,

Thanks for creating the channel. As far as I am concerned, post everything in 1 channel. I don’t think you need to segregate your topics.

I look forward to seeing more, if you have the time and desire.


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@darkalchemy Thanks for your feedback.

Ok, stay tuned and subscribe to my channel. :slight_smile:


Subscribed and commented as the first one :smile: . Bravo lets make Slim4 great again :smile:

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In my opinion, you can post everything on one channel …

Thanks for your feedback. I started to post my first video. More to come.

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