Symfony(nginx) and Slim4(reactPhp html server) comparison

Currently I work for one of leading hosting service providers in Poland and I managed to convince my client to give a try to Slim4.
As a one micrservice being a part of a bigger structure I created a data collector for a task of mass requests. ReactPhp html server + single request that internally consist of two different databases queries and api-client shooting to an external service all of that results with +/- 0.6s (average of 100 repetitions). Compared to exactly the same application code in Symfony (nginx) and a time of +/-4.5s makes really a huge difference. So guys, do not be affraid to promote Slim4 :grinning:


Cool! Thank you for sharing your success story :slight_smile:

In effect, you can use the browser-sync npm package to work more inefficiently and in turn, efficaciously…